Who we are

OneAppuccino is a New Delhi based, 4-year-old marketing services unit created on the belief that strong brands are built on superior customer engagement.

OneAppuccino helps build brands by engaging with customers to stay targeted, differentiated and top-of-mind using a combination of tech-driven interactive platforms. It's engagement with customers at any stage (prospect to advocate) to deliver relevant, compelling messages. To allow for enhanced conversions in the short term, share-of-wallet in the medium term and loyalty/advocacy through the life-cycle.

What we do

CRM & Digital

Tech platforms for relationship marketing
Websites, mobile sites
Journey mapping & tracking
Interventions for acquisition, retention & referrals
Up-sell and cross-sell programmes


For mobile phones, tablets & PCs
For customer engagement
For enterprise wide automation
(e.g. field audits, order collection, reporting etc.)

Customer loyalty



Optimisation for connected devices

Who have we worked for
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What do we do, really?

We carefully map business objectives to customer journeys to consult, plan and execute customer engagement programs and solutions that harness the power of the web. All that in order to create strong brands through a combination of (relevant) messaging and (right) timing.

How do we do what we do?

To create programs that harness the power of the web, we are partnering with a variety of developers that have diverse technologies relevant to marketeers and customer engagement in particular. Developers who don't necessarily relate to subjects like consumer behaviour and customer lifecycle management and therefore are unable to demonstrate value in application of their technologies to address marketing challenges.

From our combined experience, we at OneAppuccino find ourselves to be in a far better position to gauge the 'application' of these diverse technologies, notably the ones powered by the web, in their ability to address marketing challenges that differ from client to client, category to category, goal to goal.

The diversity of our partners ranges from base-level web developers to programmers, mobile site and application designers and developers, content creators to deliverers, loyalty marketing solution providers to database and fulfilment service providers. Click on the 'What we do' tab for a bit more detail on the range of our solutions.

What is our USP?

Our USP is our ability to cherry-pick technology(technologies) and integrate it(them) into our solutions. In building brands by engaging with customers to stay differentiated and top-of-mind.

What kind of brands are we best suited for?

For brands with connected customers. For brands with higher customer lifetime values, longer customer lifecycles (need for engagement) and frequent repeat purchase. Across B2C and B2B categories.